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The rise of wireless and mobile


Keep your customers coming back
CS blog graphic 26 Mar 2013

Whether you run your business exclusively online or with a storefront presence, there’s one inescapable fact – the client you have is worth two in the webosphere! The more value you provide for your existing clientele, the more reason they have to stay and grow – and then recommend you to others. But keeping clients happy is a whole new


Surviving a Hack Attack

Intruders are like shoplifters and burglars, intent on helping themselves to your property.  The recent hackings of  Twitter, New York Times, Wall Street Journal – and, this just in, the US Department of Energy -  have reminded us once again that no one is immune to malicious or mischievous attacks by hackers.  The best we can do is to understand


Top 5 Social Media trends for 2012
2012 Trends

2012 is so last year. From our experiences, here is a list of the top five social media trends that we think most affected business in 2012 – from sole proprietorships to multinational corporations:  1.  TV goes social:   Did you notice the number of presenters from your favourite TV shows sporting Twitter handles under their names?  On one hand, their